Should We make the 8th Dec LAN on the 9th Dec to allow extra time spending together and not having to rush after work on the friday. It will be like a Mega LAN but just us for the day and into the night. This would be most likely the last Lan for the Year before Xmas break. - total votes: 1
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Insurgency - Midweek Madness
Friday, 23 January 2015 8:51 AM
Hey everyone, Insurgency is currently available for $4.50. It is a great game with LAN support, coop and vs, can't recommend it enough!


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Welcome to the RAAF Base Edinburgh PC Gaming Club. The club was established in 2003 by a member known as Zeus. Its original intent was to foster the mateship of like minded individuals and to establish a growing gaming presence at RAAF Base Edinburgh. At its beginning, regular LANs were held every off pay Friday at the Base VPI. Now the Club is located at the Base Community Centre and continues to thrive whilst still maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere for all gamers.

This Website

The new version of this website was launched at the beginning of 2013, with one idea in mind. To provide the tools for every ADF gamer to meet, communicate, and organise a gaming event (either online or local). The website is always evolving with new content and features added on a regular bases. By registering with the website you automatically become a non-financial member of the Club. More information on what this means can be found below.

Club Membership

Over the years the club has seen members come and go. But they will always also have a link to the Club. The club has two main types of membership, financial members and non-financial members. By registering on the club's website, you instantly become a non-financial (NF) member of the website (doing so does not impose any obligations).

As a NF member you will have access to most functions of the website, which includes:

  • posting comments on forums,
  • creating events,
  • adding and editing games, and
  • signing up for events.

As a financial member you will have all the same access to the website as a NF members but additionally you will be able to:

  • Attend Club Events held at Edinburgh for FREE,
  • Access to the Club's internet for FREE,
  • Login to the Club's Steam account for FREE,
  • Use the Club computer whilst at Club Events held at Edinburgh for FREE,
  • Hire Club hardware including routers, switches, and monitors for FREE, and
  • Vote at Club meeting.

To become a financial member you must be a serving member of the Defence Force. However, the club does accept honorary, junior, and affiliated memberships. For all new comers thinking of becoming a member of the Club, your first Club LAN held at Edinburgh is FREE. After your first session, you can either pay a $3.00 casual charge or become a club member for an annual fee of $25.00. All club funds go towards maintaining club equipment, club internet access and functions.

We ask that all NF and financial members uses the clan tag [EDN] when playing online, however, this is not mandatory. Additionally, the Club doesn't care if you are a member of another club or clan. The club just wants to foster mateship between all ADF gamers.

Club Events

The Club holds regular LANs at RAAF Base Edinburgh every off pay week Friday at the Community Centre (next to frontline). Sessions start at approximately 1400 hrs and last long into the night.

The club also organises online nights and several MEGA LANs (Saturday LANs) throughout the year. To stay in touch with what is happen, become a NF member by simply register on our website and you will receive regular updates on club activities. You will also be able to post your own events.

Club Facilities

The Club has it own air-conditioned room within at the EDN Community Centre (next to frontline). This room has NAKED ADSL2+ (gamers are required to make sure all updates and patches are done before Club LAN nights) and a gigabit LAN with a 24 port DHCP router, which is connected to a wireless 54Mbs network, supported by a server. Power and LAN connection are supplied at each desk, allowing gamers quick and easy computer setups. In the event of large numbers, power boards, extension cords, CAT 5E cables, and several 24 port gigabit switches are also available for use. The club also has a limited number of 19 inch LCD monitors, keyboards, mice, and power cords just encase you forget your own. If you don't feel like lugging your own computer, the club has a computer, which is free for financial members plus access to Steam games.

Gamers can purchase drinks and snacks at a low price. Normally we order pizza for dinner but there is an oven and BBQ that can be used if gamers want to bring in their own food, however, these must be cleaned after use.

The Club has also established several servers. More information regarding our servers can be found on any event page or our home page.

Other Clubs that we know about

The Tindal LAN Group (TLG) is a rapidly growing non profit club run by gamers, for gamers. Operating ever second Friday at the DCO Building 02 next to the Child Care Centre. Sessions begin between 1430 and 1500 and run through to midnight possible to the early hours of the morning.
To participate, there is a $2 entry fee, or a full membership fee of $10. This helps to fund the club, and to provide better equipment for the sessions.
You will need your own Gaming PC or Laptop, with all their essentials. Network cables can be provided prir to the session.
There is a small esk of soft drinks and chocolates available, however, it is highly recommended that you bring your own snacks and drinks.
Many games are played on the nights, ranging from a wide variety of First Person Shooters to Real Time Strategies.
Weather you just want to join in on the fun, show off your awesome gaming system, or both, its doesn't matter - come on down for a night of awesome fun.

Before you can continue you must agree to the following:

1. Constitution
1.1 I have read and understood the terms and conditions of the RAAF Edinburgh PC Gaming Club Constitution found here. I agree to abide by the rules contained therein.

2. Software Piracy
2.1 I understand that any copying of computer software by me or instructions given by me to make such copies without authorisation from the copyright owner is in breach of the law and against the constitution of the RAAF Edinburgh PC Gaming Club, and that such action can expose me to severe disciplinary measures, including expulsion from the club and/or civilian legal action.
2.2 I agree to use only software legitimately acquired and to comply with all licence conditions accompanying any software acquired or used, as required by law. I take full responsibility for all the software/games/programs that are on my machines before, during, and after any club events.
2.3 I understand that the use, advertising, copying or distribution of unlicensed software, Warez, or other products designed to allow copyright to be infringed (such as circumvention devices) is prohibited.

3. Illicit Material
3.1 I understand that the use, advertising, copying or distribution of illicit material, including pornography, is against the constitution of the RAAF Edinburgh PC Gaming Club and may lead to disciplinary action, including expulsion from the club. Where illicit material constitutes a breach of Australian law (including the Crimes Act 1914, the Criminal Code 1995, the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997) action will be taken in accordance with that law. For example, accessing, storing or distributing certain types of material (including child pornography) is a criminal offence. Where such activity is detected, evidence will be passed to the appropriate authority for action under the Crimes Act, the DFDA, or the Public Service Act 1999.

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